Most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is Namecheap’s domain marketplace?

    Our domain marketplace is a simple, easy-to-use platform to list domain names for sale. While there are many ways to promote domains you want to sell, this online shop makes connecting with interested buyers easy. To make a purchase, just view the listings, and click “Add to Cart.” Once you have made your selections, the checkout process can be completed in a few simple steps. Learn more about what is Namecheap’s marketplace.

  2. What are the reasons I might need to use the domain marketplace?

    If you have an idea for an interesting domain that no one has ever registered before, you can buy it yourself as a business investment. Once you have registered new domains, you can list them on the marketplace at a premium price, and sell it to other businesses for a profit. Alternately, if you previously purchased a domain, and no longer need it for yourself, it can be sold on the marketplace to other interested parties. For example, if you operate an online store, and decide to move on to other business ventures, other digital retailers might be interested in buying your domain. Read more about how can you list a domain for sale.

  3. Why do I need to search the marketplace to buy a domain?

    If you have already searched for new and unregistered domains using our Domain Name Search tool, and did not discover the perfect option, the marketplace is another great resource. Millions and millions of domains have been registered over the years, and a good portion of them are now for sale. If the unique domain name you dream of has already been registered by someone else, you may find it for sale in the marketplace.

  4. When can I manage my domain name services after purchasing?

    All domain names for sale in our marketplace must go through an approval period after a purchase is made. This process typically takes up to 48 hours. Once the approval is complete, buyers have the green light to manage their new domain. Learn more about the domain purchase process.

  5. Can anyone who proves ownership list domain names for sale?

    To use the Marketplace to sell a domain, it must be registered with Namecheap. If you would like to sell your reserved domain through our platform, you can transfer management to us. Learn more about listing here.

  6. What is Namecheap’s commission for selling on the marketplace?

    When you sell your domain name using Namecheap’s marketplace, we charge a flat 10% commission. By charging this commission, we are able to maintain a domain marketplace that is easy to search and well-known by many people who purchase domains on a regular basis. A listing on our site ensures that the name your are selling can be seen by anyone searching the internet, with a transaction that is completed on a secure, trusted website.

  7. Does Namecheap guarantee each domain sale?

    When you buy one of the domain names for sale in the marketplace, the order is guaranteed. The domain purchased is added to your account right away, but is locked from modifications until the payment is approved. This process can take up to two days, but as long as there are no issue with your form of payment, the domain is yours. In the exceedingly rare instance that a problem occurs, you will not be charged. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so if you have a problem or question with our marketplace, we guarantee that one of our service professionals will investigate and respond within 24 hours.


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